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newcastle + hunter valley


Elopements have always been something I love to film.
A smaller, more intimate ceremony with a select few people or even just the two of you, your celebrant, (and hopefully the media team).

It’s a day where the focus is entirely on the two of you. A simple, streamlined day where you can enjoy each others company, and document your wedding in a rad location (we can help suggest some spots if you're not sure where to start). No one's stopping you from throwing an even bigger party with your family later, without the ties of tradition bogging down the day.

Normally we like to spend around 2-3 hours with you, your choice of location, and deliver everything online and on a USB.

For photography, I work closely with Bryce Noone, .

The additional option we now have, is the technology to live stream your wedding day with all your friends and family using a HD, multi-cam set up & clean, clear audio. A little bit more advanced and reliable set up than your iPhone (sorry Steve Jobs).

If you’d like to know more, shoot me a message. I'd love to chat more & catch up to talk more about creating your perfect day.

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