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Newcastle, Hunter Valley
& Sydney Videographer


a commercial videographer
& photographer
for hire


about me

a quick intro
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Hi! I’m Andrew Faulkner (call me Andy). Since I was a kid, I’ve been experimenting with videography, photography, and graphic media. Now I’ve spent 8 years professionally in the business, and I’m still finding new and innovative ways to capture events, architecture and life’s important moments.

My favourite thing about my job though, is working with people. I like to keep business casual and friendly, and aim to capture the same authenticity in everything I create.
When I’m not working, I’m at the gym, enjoying a good glass of wine, or attempting to walk my girlfriend's bearded dragon.

Give me a call! We can grab coffee and create something great.

Styled Content

When I'm not working behind the camera, I'm usually filming something for fun, if you're not looking for something overly formal, but want some content for your brand, I'm always expanding on my videography techniques to provide the best video content I can, no matter the client.

fig 03. Charles

Brands &

I've been working with brands for over a decade now between videography, graphic design and photography.
We can work to your existing content, or I can help you develop a new look.

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